How Good is Olive Garden?

How Good is Olive Garden?

Bryant Newlon

It all starts with the unlimited breadsticks and salad. Olive Garden as you should know has Unlimited breadsticks and salad which alone make the restaurant one of the best. Personally Olive Garden is the best restaurant and also has some really good food besides the breadsticks and salad of course. When some people hear about Olive Garden the first thing that comes to mind is not the rest of the food but the breadsticks “The breadsticks smack” says a senior Mackenzie Davis.

Olive Garden has very good pasta from the Fettuccine Alfredo to the Chicken Parmesan. My favorite meal would have to be the Fettuccine Alfredo simply because of the sauce. Alfredo sauce is by far my favorite sauce also being able to dip your unlimited breadsticks into the Alfredo sauce. Every year my family and I make our way to Olive Garden for my birthday and we spoil ourselves getting full before we even manage to get to the main course.

The unlimited breadsticks pose one challenge when you order some though and that is not getting full before you even eat your main course. If you are like me you have trouble not wanting to devour the food right in front of you. You can get one good look at the breadsticks and you can feel your mouth start to water, your stomach start to growl and you begin to get so hungry that you could eat everything in the building but those breadsticks alone can fill you up.

Every time that I have gone to Olive Garden has been a wonderful time and for people that don’t like a hamburger, a steak, or chicken tenders Olive Garden may just be your best bet in getting a good meal other than the very common steak or burger. I know that when I feel like eating out Olive Garden is the restaurant of my choice.