Gabriela Brizzi

Gabriela Brizzi

Avery Plumley

Meet this weeks featured athlete Gabriela Brizzi. Gabby is a scholar and athlete here at LHS. She is a part of the Theater Arts West Shore class, Barnstormers, Marching Band, and Swim Team. She also takes many advanced courses including AP English Language and Composition, Advanced Chemistry, and many other rigorous classes while working a part-time job at Panera Bread. I recently interviewed Gabby to learn a little bit more about her personality and her daily life.

Q : What sports do you play here at LHS?

A  : “I am on the swim team.”

Q : Is there someone in your life that plays the same sport that you look up to?

A : “I look up to Ethel Woodford due to immense dedication to the sport and constant self-improvement, its honestly inspiring.”

Q : How do you handle playing such a competitive sport with school and work?

A : “Honestly, it can be really touch sometimes, but setting up a planner or even just reminders in your phone can help astronomically.”

In conclusion Gabby is a very smart and driven student, her advice is greatly appreciated and inspiring. She pushes herself everyday to achieve great success, she is a role model to everyone.