Light up Lakewood


Noor imtiaz

As we know, Light Up Lakewood is one of the most joyous of Lakewood traditions and it’s back in Downtown Lakewood for the 13th consecutive year.

Light Up Lakewood celebrates the season and the richness of our city’s vibrancy. This free, family-friendly event in Downtown Lakewood features a holiday parade, lighting ceremony, winter fireworks, Holiday Train, live music, ice carvings, hot chocolate, food trucks, children’s games and more.

H2O is giving LHS students a chance to volunteer for a fundraising at light up Lakewood. They are planning to make some things and sell them in light up Lakewood in order to raise money to buy toys for children who can’t afford them this year.

Many students volunteered and made many hand crafts such as bookmarks, ornaments, jewelry, and much more. They also made chocolate dipped pretzels and packed them into pretty packets.

“I am excited to once again welcome thousands of Lakewood residents and visitors from across the region for Light Up Lakewood and also be a part of this big event which is my most favorite community event,” said a volunteer of light up Lakewood.

They will also be needing volunteers for selling them on Light Up Lakewood or for making more ornaments and crafts to sell.

Sign up with Mrs. Chodzin to volunteer for Light Up Lakewood and help getting their goal complete.