All-new HOME ALONE program


Noor imtiaz

All the H20 staff and leaders are exited to launch its all-new HOME ALONE program.

H20 Leaders designed HOME ALONE events to convey very important information on how to be safe to 9-12 years children. In order to attend this event each child should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. All the students attending should be Lakewood residents.

While students are engaged with the high school leaders, their parents/guardians will receive valuable safety information presented by local experts from Lakewood Police, Fire and EMS.

During this 2-3 hour presentations students will rotate in about 6 different presentation on different topics. These presentation include the following topics;

  • Emergencies – How to deal with emergencies and what to do if one occurs.
  • Basic First Aid – What to do if someones is injured and how to react.
  • Tricky People & Phone/Door Safety – How to avoid dangerous situations and how to handle these situations carefully.
  • Routines and Siblings – Establishing house rules and role-playing conflict resolution
  • Internet Safety – Advice for maintaining positive and healthy experiences online. Also how to use it properly without any inappropriate manner.

Street Smarts – Safety tips when going to school or coming back or any other place around Lakewood.

Childcare and financial aid is available for families that need assistance in order to attend HOME ALONE.Space is limited for only 75 students in each HOME ALONE event.

Registration is held on a first-come, first-served basis. H2O encourages early enrollment to ensure your choice of dates. H2O’s high school leaders look forward to sharing safety skills with their young peers!

One of the HOME ALONE leader said,” This is a great event for every young children to attend and learn on how to be safe and take care of themselves which is very important in these days to avoid big incidents to take place.”