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    Review of “Sound of Scars” by Life of Agony


    The album Sound of Scars by the hard rock band Life of Agony. It is a concept album, which is an album that tells a story as it goes. It is the follow-up album to their previous concept album River Runs Red. Sound of Scars came out sometime last month and in my opinion it is a good successor to River Runs Red.

    In the album, there are tracks that are not music, and they are what tells the story. This is an interesting concept in my opinion. It was also like this in River Runs Red.

    It does a good job at continuing the story line. The first track is one of the ones without music, and it continues the story left off by the last track of River Runs Red. The story part does a good job at continuing and maintaining the same tone.

    The music is also pretty decent. I personally do not think that it is better than the music in River Runs Red, but it is still a good sound. The lyrics also still retain their same meaning.

    It is a different sound, but not too different. I personally like the slightly new sound.

    Overall, the album is a good one musically and has a good story. I personally really liked it and think it is a worthy successor to River Runs Red.


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