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    Brewella’s Crêpes, Coffee, and Collectibles


    Located on Madison across from Harding Middle School, Brewella’s is a local up-and-coming coffee, crêpe, and collectible shop and cafe that opened just last year.

    The menu features different types of coffee so that you can enjoy it to your liking. You can also substitute regular milk for almond or soy milk and add vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut syrup for a low-cost. Cappuccinos, mochas, and iced coffee are some of the featured beverages, along with some other non-caffeinated drinks, such as tea, hot chocolate, and a chai latte.

    However, Brewella’s is most known for its simply out-of-this-world crêpes. You can enjoy options that are either sweet or savory. The savory features crêpes with cheese, spinach, and ham. The sweet side is perfect for dessert lovers and features different fruits along with Nutella or powdered sugar.

    In addition to the delicious cuisine, Brewella’s also achieves a perfect vintage atmosphere. Most collectibles are for sale, and inside there is a whole wall full of featured mirrors and prints with some for sale. While you are dining, you are surrounded by vintage decor and a friendly atmosphere. The below photos capture the quaint beauty of the cafe. Photos are courtesy of

    Brewella’s also joins in holiday celebrations by decorating for different holidays and seasons. In February, Brewell’s decorated for Valentine’s Day. In the summer, the small cafe had a theme of Lake Erie. It is currently decorated for the Christmas season, but check it out at different times of the year to see the festive decor.

    “The food is delicious,” says local crêpe enthusiast and LHS student Savanna Hepp. “The atmosphere is inviting and welcoming, too. I recommend trying the banana and Nutella crêpe for those who are fans of sweet treats or the ham and cheese for everyone who prefers more of a savory option.”

    Stop in every day of the week from 8 am to 5 pm, except for Mondays.

    This holiday season and every season, make sure to support your local businesses as they continue to make Lakewood a better place to live. Visit them online at this link:

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