Cows wearing Vr headsets

Cows wearing Vr headsets

Adam Schraibman

Cows in Russia are starting to wear vr headsets. The engineers in Russia that are doing this state that the cows produce more milk and are calmer when wearing the headset. The images that are displayed to the cows are of relaxing fields of green grass which help simulate a better life for the cow.

The cows get milked about 2 times a day to make sure cow’s health isn’t hurt but the farmers still get a nice production.

Using the headset really is a boost for farmers because they still only milk a cow twice a day but get a higher production of almost 1.33-1.5x more milk. This is extremely beneficial to the farmer and the cow.

These are the types of innovations that are needed in a modern-day society. Cows are one of the largest farming animals because they have such an excess of resources that can be used by us.

So by making cows happy we essentially make ourselves happy with the outcome of the increase in resources.

These are the changes that are needed in the world because of our larger demand for food and significantly increasing population and our ability to feed everybody. Scientists believe that our demand for food will drastically increase by 100% around 2050.

There is an issue that rises with livestock and that is global carbon emission. Livestock and cattle create a greenhouse effect that starts to hurt the environment and also speed up global warming.

If we are able to keep the number of cattle and livestock down but keep production up we could be able to find a perfect balance in which everyone has food that is readily available to them every night while also not hurting the environment as bad.

We have quite a way to go to be able to feed everybody but this is a step in the right direction as it keeps it cheap for farmers, keeps cows happy, and doesn’t have as much greenhouse gases that are being produced thus helping the planet. It’s a small easy change that could inspire a million more like it.