Effects of texting and driving law in Lakewood

Effects of texting and driving law in Lakewood

Noor imtiaz

Lakewood’s new distracted driving law which makes texting and driving a primary offense, meaning violators can be pulled over by police and can be charged for the violation.

This new law makes the acts of texting, reading, scrolling, dialing, or answering the phone punishable and even while driving if the driver has to take even one hand off of the car’s steering wheel. If caught in violation of the law, drivers could face an up to $150 violation fine.

legislation 5-19 was introduced by Council President Sam O’Leary at the beginning of the year. The legislation was passed in early September. City Council wanted a buffer before the law went into effect, so residents¬† and the people could learn about the new legislation and get to know what it meant for drivers and what are the effects of it. On December 2, the law went into effect.

Texting and Driving can be dangerous in many ways. It can not only risk your life but can risk the other travellers  in the car. It can result in accidents with effects ranging from minor vehicle damage to a totaled car and devastating injuries.

The clear evidence shows this is a major public safety risk on the caliber, frankly, of drunk driving,” O’Leary told Patch when the legislation passed. “This is a very dangerous and potentially deadly activity that we need a shift on culturally. It is not an acceptable behavior to text and drive or to even hold your phone while driving.”