Ryan Sheppard: The Man The Myth The Legend

Ryan Sheppard: The Man The Myth The Legend

Kyle Ciresi

Ryan Sheppard is a 17-year-old Cleveland rapper who has been on the rise since early 2014. He started his career in the library of his middle school, the librarian gave him access to the school’s recording room. He had to whisper because the walls were so thin, but this inspired him to move up in the game.

Not until recently has Ryan gained popularity in the school. He has become one of the most known faces in the school. His first official Ep/Album was released in mid-2019 and with that, he released merch of which, I am a proud owner of a Sheppard T-Shirt.

I wanted to see what others’ opinions were about Ryan and his career.

Max Close says, “His music is innovative and very new wave to the rap genre.”

Tom Araya says, “I saw him at Dewey’s and asked him for a water cup and he just looked at me weird.”

There are some very mixed opinions on Ryan, personally I believe he is a character. He always wears a tank top and shorts, and he is over the top hilarious. He is always nice and friendly to new people.

I do not enjoy much rap however, Ryan’s rap is new, interesting, and has a soul to it that many new rap albums do not have. In an age where all music is created by computers and autotune, Ryan sticks out and has his style and his section of the game.

If you would like to support Ryans music there is a link to his YouTube. The world needs more people like Ryan.