Persecution of Muslims

Persecution of Muslims

Emma Perry

America and China has a very unbalanced peace. China And America aren’t friends but they aren’t enemies. China has made camps that we are meant to believe are ” reduction camps”. But maybe that’s not all what they seem to be.

Secret documents have been found saying that these are not what we think. Muslims are being tutored and hurt being forced to things against their religion. And it’s not just Muslims, other ethnic minorities are also being subjective to the harsh cruelty being put upon them. This had just come to light in 2017 and still not a lot of people even know about it.

They are being forced to do things beyond their will. Being hurt and tortured just because of their religion. Just because they don’t follow just Chinese culture. And America isn’t doing anything to stop it, to help. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and other ethnic minorities are being forced into these camps with no reason behind their arrests.

A man named Erzhan Qurban who was originally from Kazakhstan had moved back there. He decided to come back to China to visit his mother. On his way to his mother’s he was arrested by the police with no defined reason why. He was forced into one of the “reeducation” Camps he didn’t get out until nine months later.

In an interview with apnews he said,” It wasn’t education, it was just punishment. I was held there like an animal.” In the camps he was locked in a cell with 10 other people and was told not to engage in any religious activities. Talk was forbidden and whoever disobeyed were forced to squat or spend 24 hours in solitary confinement. They are forced to drink alcohol and eat pork which is against their religion.

This has been known since 2017 and people are now figuring out that this is happening. Nobody knows how long this truly could have been going on.