EdChoice Programs and Funding

EdChoice Programs and Funding

Sophia Masek

In Lakewood, the public education system is one of our top priorities. Its placement is the same as it’s area code but still, it’s a fantastic place to learn. However, communities and their populations are continuously growing, creating more and more needs for funding. Many members of the Cuyahoga County are urging Mike DeWine (Ohio’s governor) to bring back funds for public schools.

The EdChoice program has been implemented in Ohio, offering private school vouchers to families in districts with underperforming public schools. The program makes it easier for students to forego public education and attend private schools.

Since the people applying for EdChoice have doubled in amount this year, the need for better funding in schools is momentous. Hence there are more and more people advocating for better funding.

However, this EdChoice program has caused a lot of controversy within the education department. Those who support public schools call this new program “an attack on public schools,” because they see the vouchers to get out of public schools as a way of saying that students need to be rescued from public schools and won’t be as good as other ones.

That is not what this program is for. It’s to ensure a way that, if families cannot afford it, if a child is in a position where a good public school is not open to them, there’s a private school that they can apply for and make sure they reach their true potential. There’s no discrimination or hate against public schooling, which is another reason funds should be secured.

“I think that funding for public schools should definitely be increased, as most girl’s teams don’t get new uniforms and other classes can be offered, making school more appealing and a better place,” Kegan Weber told us. This can be agreed upon by every student in the area.

We ask Mike DeWine and the other Ohio politicians to increase public school funding, so our schools can be the amazing place we were sworn it to be.