Good Places to go For Open Lunch During Midterms

Good Places to go For Open Lunch During Midterms

Matthew Mannion

Midterms are from December 17th-December 19th. There is an open lunch time where you will leave for lunch, and some people have to come back. If you don’t want to go terribly far so you don’t risk being late, here are some good places that you can go eat before you resume your exams.

Raising Cane’s: This is a popular spot for people to go after school as it is not far from Lakewood High School. It is a good hangout spot and has good food. This will allow you to stay close to the school.

Domino’s: Right across the street from Raising Cane’s lies the pizza place Domino’s. It is a very popular food chain that isn’t far away from the school. You could go with some friends and order a pizza for all of you to share. Or, order among the many other items on the menu. These include chicken, sandwiches, pasta, and different bread sticks.

Chipotle: Many students in Lakewood High love Chipotle. You can get a big burrito, some tacos, a bowl,  everything there would definitely be enough for lunch, and possibly leftovers for when you’re done with your exams. The food there is good to most people and it isn’t that far from the school. It wouldn’t be hard to quickly get back.

Winking Lizard: This one is more of if you don’t have an exam at the end of the day, or for right after your last one if you couldn’t get anything for lunch. It is a good restaurant and if you are really hungry you can get there quickly from the high school. They have great food and it is within a good distance from the school.

This is a wide variety of different types of food options.

“I believe that these are good choices to go to have a good lunch during midterms. I also believe that many people in this school love these places,” says Jay Hogg.