Intro to Journalism

Intro to Journalism

Sophia Masek

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, many students enrolled in a one-semester class, Intro to Journalism. Run by Mr. Ebner, students learn skills used in journalism and write for the school’s online newspaper; the Lakewood Times. I was one of those few. As the semester comes to an end, it felt appropriate to write about the class.

Like all classes, it has its ups and downs. Each week, students are required to write a single 250-350 article based on a topic relevant to Lakewood High School. Topics range from the person of the week to sports to news in general. These articles get published on the website Lakewood Times Live, where anyone can read at their will.

Although it’s very easy to fall behind and end up turning in stories late, an A average is easy to maintain in the class. As long as you have a keen eye for news and decent writing abilities, this class could be used to boost your GPA.

Along with your GPA, this class raises your ability as a writer and journalist. “We learn by doing,” was the first thing Mr. Ebner said when we walked into his class, and it’s proven itself to be true. Not only are we learning how to form better sentences and extend our vocabulary, but how to conduct interviews and write what people want to hear.

One of the most difficult aspects of journalism (most people would argue) is interviewing. In “Intro to Journalism” you’re taught how to form questions, find people, and conduct an interview professionally; a skill not many have.

This class is definitely among the favorites of students and has lead to many successful careers. A guest speaker and former student of Mr. Ebner comes in class every once in a while to talk about his experiences in journalism and where the class has put him in life.

“I know for sure I’m going to miss this class; we’ve had a lot of laughs and fun and I’m really going to miss the vibe,” Helen Roche, a classmate, said.

After being told about the class, Sullivan Stois said, “This class seems like one that did love to partake in and learn how to be a proper journalist.”

So if you have a free fourth period or ones in your later years at Lakewood High School, consider taking “Intro to Journalism” as it’s truly an influential class that I will for sure miss.