Why Gen Z is the best Generation


Bella Nieves

What is Gen Z? Gen Z is anyone that was born after 1996-2010. This generation was raised with social media, iPhones, and other advanced technology. Gen Z is currently the most ethnically diverse generation and makes up 27% of the population according to buissinessinsider.com.

Why are they the best? This generation considers itself to be the most open-minded generation. Minorities make up almost half of the Gen Z population and have supported movements such as, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ Rights, and Feminist Movements.

Generation Z is one of the most pivotal generations and it’s said that they’re motivated and hard workers that will have a higher chance of being successful than Millennials.

Gender and identity is another thing Gen Z is much more open to than previous generations. One in three teens know someone who prefers to use different pronouns according to buissinessinsider.com; they’re the first generation to believe that there should be other options except for “woman or “man” on forms.

A poll relieved that a lot of centennials (another name for Gen Z) are for legalizing marijuana and the impeachment of President Donald Trump (#notmypresident). This means that a lot of young people are caring about politics and getting involved; they’re having opinions and trying to spread change.

36% of Gen Z believe America is running poorly. 33.4% of people don’t know if they’re liberal or they’d rather not say. 16.2% are neither liberal or conservative. 9.9% are slightly conservative, 7.4% are very conservative, and 7.9% are moderate conservatives. 9.6% are slightly liberal, 8.2% are moderate liberals, and 7.4% are very liberal as claimed by buissinessinsider.com.

It’s great that Gen Z is split between the right and left because they have their own opinions and are doing things like protesting and practicing their freedom of speech. Still though, most of the centennial population does not support Trump.

Gen Z is one of the first generation to recognize climate change and even younger republicans. There has been countless protests and action being done amongst this generation to prevent the worsening of our climate.

Overall this generation is an interesting one. We’ve come a long way when it comes to social justice and awareness for things that were once unaddressed. America is about to head in a different direction and the young people of this country will be the ones to do it.