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    NBA Season Halftime


    The 2019-2020 Nba Season is almost halfway trough. A couple of teams already played 42 Games or have to play just one more. The regular NBA season has 82 games in total until the playoffs start. The NBA is split in two conferences. The Western and the Eastern conference.

    The top 3 teams in the Western Conference are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Denver Nuggets and surprisingly the Utah Jazz. The Los Angeles Lakers have 33 Wins and 8 Losses. The Denver Nuggets have 28 Wins and 12 Losses. The Utah Jazz have the same statistics as the Nuggets.

    The Top 3 teams of the eastern conference are the Milwaukee Bucks, The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The Milwaukee Bucks are statistically the best team in the NBA right now. They have 36 Wins and only 6 losses. The Miami Heat have 28 wins and 12 losses and the Boston Celtics have 27 Wins and 12 losses.

    One of the biggest surprises of the current NBA season is how bad the Golden State Warriors are. They are on the last place of the Western Conference with only 9 wins and 33 losses.

    In the 2018-2019 season the Warriors played in the playoffs final. Unfortunately for them, they lost game 7 against the Toronto raptors. The Warriors won back to back championships the two years before that.

    In the current season, its still unclear which teams are going to make the playoffs or even which team is going to win them. The favorite as of now would definitely be Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks but we will see what the future brings to us.

    I asked the local Lakewood resident, Steve Matzen, what he thinks about the season so far. He answered, ” I think it’s still way to early to tell who is going to get in the Playoffs but I would say that the Bucks have a good chance of getting very far in the Playoffs. One thing I know for sure though, is that the Cavs are not going to win a championship this year.”

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