Film Club’s Upcoming Movie

Film Clubs Upcoming Movie

Ayden Wacker

Watching movies has been one of the most popular American things to do for a long time. No worries about work or when the next assignment is due, just kicking back and having a good time. Kicking back and having a good time is what LHS’ Film Club is all about.

The next movie coming up in Film Club, is Moonrise Kingdom. A movie about the residents of a town that find a community that seems untouched, and begin to inhabit. But two of the kids there fall in love and run away. What they didn’t know when running away, was that a huge storm was approaching the island, so the kids must be found in order to keep them safe.

The movie features the three main actors: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray. The movie received a 7.8/10, according to IMDb. And all it takes is to stay a little while after school, when you have nothing better to do, to put another thing on your resume for college.

When asked about what he thinks about the idea of a film club, Mohammed Masalmeh, a student at Lakewood High school, said, “Movies have always been something I am really grateful for. They keep me entertained and they keep me thinking. Whoever though of film club was a genius, because movies can make after school a little more interesting for some people.”

Mr.Lobozzo, a teacher at Lakewood High School, is the one that started this club. And according to other students it was a brilliant idea. Allowing students to see movies that they haven’t before, right here at Lakewood High School. With this next movie coming up, there should be a ton more students interested.