Graduation Requirements… Why do many changes?

Graduation Requirements... Why do many changes?

Bryant Newlon

Over the years school has technically evolved from what it was in the past but just how much has it evolved. In our school you need four English credits, four mathematics credits, three social studies credits, three science credits, five elective credits, half a gym credit, half of a health credit, one fine arts credit, and one additional credit, whatever it may be in there are district requirements. This is not to mention the 18 air credits required credits by the state to graduate. Will all of these credits really help us in the future or are we just being put on the path they want us to be on.

The problem with graduation requirements is that they can also be changed at any point in time. Around two years ago the graduation requirements were changed, but because they went into effect immediately nearly %50 of that current senior class was in danger of failing. Luckily student were later given an alternate pathway to make up for the new requirements.

The solution to changing graduation requirements would be to have them grandfathered in which allows the freshman class to make their schedule around the new requirements and the other classes don’t have to worry about having their high school life possibly ruined.

Last year the requirements were changed for other things such as Honors and Technical Honors which took away the possibility of obtaining it from some students. One of the new requirements for Technical Honors was that you needed two years of the same foreign language. “We never needed it before and now they added the requirement after my second to last year in high school” says Adam Musleh.

When The requirements are changed we should just be able to continue our high school life without the worry of things becoming impossible for the senior class right out of the blue. I believe that if we grandfather the graduation requirements in then we don’t have to worry about some of the little things and everyone’s life can be just that much easier.