Eaters of Lakewood Club


Bella Nieves

Eaters of Lakewood was created in 2005/2006. When EOL first started, it was a super popular club with a lot of members. It seemed like EOL was only going up! Sadly, EOL diminished for a few years, but started back up in 2017.

Mr. Lobozzo, an AP U.S History and Human Rights and Conflict teacher at LHS, decided to be the staff sponsor and advisor for this club from the beginning.

Eaters of Lakewood’s purpose is to get people hip to new restaurants in Lakewood that they’ve never tried or heard of before. It allows food lovers to do what they do best.. eat! Mr. Lobozzo says Eaters of Lakewood is, “just a chance to socialize and enjoy food.”

The members meet on a certain day and time, every month, to try new food. This supports Lakewood’s businesses, as well as allow people to connect and bond over a great meal.

The next time EOL meets is on February 19th, 2020 at 7pm. This month’s meet will take place at Raising Canes is honor of, “Fast Fried food February.”

I asked Mr. Lobozzo, “What would you say to those who have never joined Eaters of Lakewood, or are thinking about joining?” He replied, “Get a few friends and come out! or come alone and meet new people! It’s the “Best tasting club in Lakewood!”

I then asked, “What is your favorite restaurant you’ve been to with EOL?” He replied, “I always love going to Dewey’s!”

Join EOL today and stay up to date with all of their club meetings! Don’t miss an opportunity to share fun times with your fellow students and eat awesome food!