The Interventions

Jonas Evans

Interventions is a high school band, all three members go to Lakewood High School. Both Julian Dirse (Guitar and lead singer) and Parker Polen (Bassist) are seniors who will graduate this spring, and Casey Fox (Drummer) is a junior. So far they have played one show, and only have two songs recorded on Youtube, but they are looking to record more songs and reach more platforms. Their most popular song “Takes time” was released in August of 2019. Julian Dirse says that both him and Parker intend on playing after highschool, but things may change due to their college schedules. Julian dirse also answered the following questions:

Q: What type of music are you guys trying to make?

A: There isn’t necessarily a specific aim, we usually start out with a basic idea for a song and then start playing. I’d say the outcome could be considered indie or alternative.

Q: How did you choose who would be in your band?

A: I’ve always though Casey was really good, so after I left Shallowheads I took some time off from being in a band, then talked to Casey about it, and Parker has been one of my best friends since elementary school so it was a very easy choice.

Q: What do you take inspiration from when writing songs?

A: I think me, Casey and Parker all have different influences, so I can only speak for myself. I listen to a lot of alt rock like King of Leon, arctic monkeys,the 1975, catfish and the bottle men and bands like that.

Q: What advice do you have for other highschoolers trying to start a band?

A: Join as many other music programs/bands as you can. Take advantage of the programs your school has to offer, challenge yourself even if you think you aren’t skilled enough to do it. You wont get better with time, but you will get better with practice.