A Health Saver

A Health Saver

Ayden Wacker

Everybody hates that feeling that comes about on your wrist, after working out in your wristband or watch. A compact area that will only cause agitation. But what if wearing a wristband while working out could actually benefit you?

At North Carolina State University, researchers are working on a prototype of a beneficial wristband. The wristband will use the sweat that is released from your body to measure the amount of metabolites present in your body. Once the metabolites are measured, the wristband will be able to show you your overall health.

Obesity is a large problem in the United States. This watch could possibly reduce significantly, or even stop this problem. People would be able to see what their current health status is and get a jump-start on it as as fast as they can. With this watch we could make our country a healthier and overall better place.

When asked about what he thinks of the wristband, Elijah Moncrief, a student at Lakewood High School, said, “I have always hated when Im working out and I get that uncomfortable feeling on my wrist from my fibit. The idea of a watch that can show you your health status sounds great because that means the uncomfortable feeling is worth it in the end.

Working out can be something that brings a lot of anger and passion out some people. It can a lot be something that people dread and never wanna do, but do it anyway. Whichever person you are, the new wristband will benefit your workout session significantly, and give you an idea of what your health will look like for the rest of your life.