When Should There Be A Snow Day?

When Should There Be A Snow Day?

Alexander Schulz

Have you ever thought there was going to be a snow day but there wasn’t? Well it happened again. On this week’s Thursday it was really cold and icy out, and my friends and I thought that there could be a possibility of getting a snow day, but we didn’t.

For the people who come to school driving their car, it wasn’t that bad, but for Students who have to walk to school, it was like hell outside. I asked a local Lakewood High School student, Aiden Erway, how his experience walking to school on Thursday was,

and he answered with, “It felt very unsafe to walk to school on that day. The cement was covered in ice and so were cars. I even thought about not going because I honestly was kinda scared to hurt myself.” Aiden was for sure not the only student who felt like that.

A lot of students would have felt safer if they could have just stayed at home on this day. Even for people who don’t walk it’s not safe at all. A lot of Students just got their Drivers license this or last year and have very little experience with driving in snow and ice.

I personally saw a lot of “almost” crashes or even very bad crashes on the streets. So in conclusion I would say that Lakewood High School should make sure that no students are at risk on their way to school, and we better get one or two days off rather than being at risk on our way to school.