The Impact of Art


maddy Cummings

Lakewood High has an amazing art classes and programs. They allow students to express their creativity and expand their artistic skills as they continue to grow as artists. There is much creative, artistic potential in Lakewood High’s art students.

Currently the Art 3 classes are doing a “Trash Scape” as junior Nola Williams calls it. The project requires the students to find beauty in what most would consider trash. Students must open their minds to artistic possibilities  and find beauty in the simple things.

Junior Aine Fagon says “What inspires me is just what’s around me… first see things its just an object, but looking at it up close there are so many more parts and way to perceive it.”

Chloe Derethik is a part of Lakewood’s Art 3 and is currently in West Shore’s Media Art and Design. She says ” My artwork is a drawing of a can with shards of glass in and around it. I wanted it to have the sense of chaos in the piece. I am enjoying the time it takes to find the correct colors and giving the drawing depth. It is a struggle to draw anything realistically but Mr. C has been a great teacher and is helping me improve my artistic ability.

The art program is a great way for students to express their creativity, as most classes don’t allow the same mind set. The class allows students to work and think in a way that is specific to them as the class allows more freedom and less guidelines.