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    Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR


    The future is right around the corner and it is the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.  Mercedes says it was inspired by the movie avatar and is considered a concept car.  Concept cars are cars that are made to show off new styles or technology by a company.  While most concept cars don’t come to market the AVTR is supposedly going to hit the market in 2021.

    One of its coolest features is that it does not have a traditional stealing wheel.  Instead when the driver places their hand on the control/center console in the middle of the two seats the car will use that as the control.  The car is also able to create a biometric connection with the driver and its environment which also is used to control the car. Another really cool feature is that in the car it does not have a “normal dashboard”.  Instead the conventional dashboard is replaced with a display module that lets you see outside the car with 3D graphics.  

    Other areas of interest on the car are the doors which are just like windows so you can see out of the whole door since the whole thing is made of clear glass.  Along with completely clear doors they also raise straight up vertically and don’t open horizontally.

    While this is a very cool car there is speculation that it would not be released or not but Mercedes has said they will release it in 2021.  While the release year is set the price of this unique car has not been stated yet. Supposedly the price would start at around $40,000 but others have said that is way too low especially because of all the new technology.  Senior Jake Wright said “This seems like a really cool car. I would really want to take it to school to show it off.” He is not the only one interested in this cool new car but we’ll have to wait and see what it is really like when the car comes out.

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