Living Concrete


"Jonas Hupcey"

While we all know and hate bad roads and sidewalks.  That is why we are in need of this new invention. But it’s here, LIVING CONCRETE.  This was designed by a team at the university of Colorado Boulder who might have solved a problem that has been troubling cities, states and countries for a long time.  Cracked pavement. The “living concrete” is made up of bacteria, gelatin, and a few other ingredients. Which are green and go in the shape which it is molded to then dries and turns hard just like concrete.  

This concrete like structure was placed into molds for testing and really got everyone excited once they realize what they might have created.  It was noted that the concrete became the most solid after a few days. But the coolest thing about these blocks was the fact that when the researchers cut them with a diamond tipped saw the then added more gel and bacteria and it started to grow and form new blocks.  

People are already thinking of all the solutions that this living concrete can create.  The researchers say that after a few days of hardening this new invention is as hard as the regular concrete.  This could be used on bridges, roads, buildings and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Senior Harlan Hoegner said “This is one of those inventions that could really change the world.”

The process of making this new concrete also has advantages from the old.  The old concrete is made from virgin sand from lakes and oceans which is running out.  This living concrete gives us an excellent solution to a problem we are going to face when resources for the old fashioned concrete run out.