Pep Rally in the Morning?

Pep Rally in the Morning?

Bryant Newlon

On Thursday February 13th Lakewood High School is having a pep rally during 3rd and 4th period classes. This raises the question as to “why in the morning?” Pep rallies were always during 8th and 9th period classes at Lakewood until now.

The main reason for the pep rally being in the morning would be because students would leave school and go home or hang out with friends instead of going to the pep rally. Obviously school administration did not like that students did this so moving the pep rally to the morning would not allow students to skip as much as before. Will people still skip the pep rally? Yes they will and some students will just get called off so they have no need to attend.

The problem with a pep rally being in the morning would be that the students that are excited won’t be nearly as energetic as before because everyone will be tired. Students begin to wake during 4th and 5th periods on average and will be in auto mode before they really wake up. “No one wants to go to a gym full of yelling people from 9:30 to 10:55” says Adam Musleh.

What will the pep rally being in the morning solve? It will stop some students from skipping classes but not all of them. What is the downside to having the pep rally in the morning cause? Most students will be in a worse mood because they will be tired. In my personal opinion the school administration should have just kept it the way it was because I don’t want to listen to people talk about school spirit at ten in the morning. I am just happy the I get out of class.