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    LHS Basketball


    The Basketball winter season is almost over for the Lakewood High School teams, only a few days are left. The Boy’s Basketball Team has looked pretty good this season, only one LHS Boy’s Basketball Team has a negative record, and this team is the Freshman team.

    The best record of the 3 boy’s teams is the JV boys team. The have a record of 15 wins and only 5 losses and only one game left to play. The Varsity Boy’s team has a pretty good record too with 13 wins and 8 losses. And they have only one game left to play too, against North Ridgeville.

    It’s probably going to be a pretty easy win for the LHS team if they stay focused and concentrate on the win. After that game the Varsity team is going to play the end of season tournament and hopefully win some games. As I said earlier, the Freshman didn’t do that good of a job this winter season, they Lost 10 games and only won 7.

    But even they can get one more win in their last game, maybe they can make their record a little bit better. Anyway, lets concentrate on the Varsity Team. I asked one of their players if he thinks that LHS can beat North Ridgeville and win some games in the “Playoffs” too.

    The player that was asked was Chris Brown, and he said, “I think beating North Ridgeville is going to be very easy but I’m not sure about the Playoffs yet. I think we definitely can win the first 2 games but im not 100% sure about the third game, I guess we just have to see what happens.”

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