We Need Students to Support Spring Sports!

We Need Students to Support Spring Sports!

Chloe Fielder

Just like the big entertaining football and hockey games, spring sports deserve the attention too! When it comes to spring season at Lakewood High School, the year and time seems so much faster towards summer break. As a school that supports the athletics and academics to a great extent, it is significant to keep it up all year round.

Home run! Baseball season is just around round the corner. Tryouts was for boys who were interested from February 24 to February 27. Baseball can be quite long when it comes to games including seven innings of plays. We need to fill up the stands and areas to watch with support to all baseball teams. Show the love and support to the players and Ranger pride. Yes, parents make the best of it when watching baseball games but Lakewood High School students can change this a lot. For our girls softball teams, let’s do the same in our support towards them!

However many sporting events this spring, may not always be at home (Lakewood Stadium), or nearby. As a student, think about if a player has supported any sporting event from fall to winter season. It means a lot to every player whether its our baseball, softball, and tennis players! Our athletic department has many sports that show a successful record as each teammate gives their effort towards the goal.

“I agree that all spring sports and the players themselves need support for what they do for our school. It is important to show our student pride for what goes on at our school, so attending every sporting event means a lot,” claims Giavanna Frankito, a junior here at Lakewood High School.