H2O News

H2O News

Cassidy Baldridge

H2O is a club that helps others. They participate in many services for the school and the community. This month brings many different things.

As of right now, they came up with the wonderful idea of a new drive. This drive would be for feminine products. Maddy McFarlin says, “We are just waiting to get this idea approved by the school.” Once is it approved they will come up with the official name and work to pursue the idea.

Along with this new dive, they are also getting ready to do their monthly visits. They will be going to the food bank, delivering groceries to the Westerly and visiting the Ronald McDonald House.

H2O also goes to the two middle schools twice a month, Harding and Garfield.  This is led by students from the high school . During their monthly visits they make crafts for their next service project. They also talk to the middle school students and play many games with them.

They are always welcoming new people. It is a really good club to get service hours, but it is also nice to do something good for other people. The club allows you to choose which services you participate in. They even have their own office where you can sign up, located outside of the cafeteria.