LCSD Taking Action On Coronavirus

LCSD Taking Action On Coronavirus

Chloe Fielder

The Coronavirus has not been stopped in a positive way. In fact, it is spreading rapidly around certain American states, which is basically a scare or threat to citizens. The virus originated from Wuhan, China through unsanitary purposes. How would this major problem be prevented or at least stopped for everyone? The Lakewood City School District is planning to take action on monitoring the disease and working with disease health programs.

According to the Patch of Lakewood Ohio, the Lakewood City School District is benefitting its staff and students by working with the CDC and ODH. CDC is known as “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” and ODH is the “Ohio Department of Health.” From further research, these are well-rated programs that give outbreak statistical data and information. This could really help each school in the Lakewood district. With the district including seven elementary, two junior high, and one high school, there are a lot of people to have to care for.

Staff members and students who are in close contact, and touching a million things in the school day, are at risk of catching anything. The Lakewood City School District advises students and parents to follow safety tips to reduce the risks. Washing hands, avoiding rubbing open eyes, and covering sneezes/coughs can all help reduce the illness. According to our district, “we will be adding extra hand sanitation dispensers in our cafeterias.”

“I am worried that the Coronavirus could get any worse for our society. This a serious case that people need to be aware of so it does not spread rapidly among all the states and cities and hopefully a good cure will soon come up,” says Mackenzie Morracco, a sophomore here at Lakewood High School.

Here in the Lakewood School department, everyone is to be safe and healthy! Stay positive about what is happening and do your best toward preventing it for you and your family!