Austin Scherer


Alexander Schulz

Austin Scherer is a Sophomore at Lakewood High School and he currently plays for the LHS hockey team. Austin started playing hockey 8 years ago. I asked Austin a few questions about his Hockey career:

Q: When and why did you join your current team?

A: I joined the LHS Hockey Team last year.


Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment with your team so far?

A: Before High School my biggest accomplishment so far was winning the division (The Championship) my 4th year playing. My biggest accomplishment in High School was this year playing Ed’s in states/districts.


Q: What is your favorite part of hockey?

A: My favorite part about hockey is the pace and speed of everything.


Q: Why did you choose to play hockey?

A: I chose to play hockey when I went to a Monsters game and got so excited by it that I told my Mom that I want to be just like them.


Q: Do you play hockey after school, too?

A: Yes, I play hockey outside of school. I started in 2011 in Parma, then I moved to the Brooklyn Sharks in 2015, then to Rocky River in 2017. And in 2018, I joined the LHS Team my freshman year.


Q: Are you planning on continuing playing after this year?

A: Yes, I am planning on continuing playing hockey next year and my senior year. Hopefully, after my senior year I can go somewhere where I can continue playing.