Distill Table on Madison Ave.


Bella Nieves

Recently, I took a trip to Distill Table on Madison Avenue, and I had a great experience.

I was greeted at the door by a very kind male employee. Then, I sat down at a booth. I liked the simple decor inside the restaurant, and everything was very clean and orderly.

I took a look at the brunch menu and decided on getting the gluten-free french toast and a side of bacon. Distill Table serves a variety of food on their brunch menu like quinoa salad, Nutella banana pancakes, pizza, sandwiches, flourless chocolate cake, and potato bacon cheddar hash.

To drink, I ordered a regular coffee with sugar and Vitamin D milk on the side. The coffee tasted very fresh and had a really good flavor. All of their cups and side dishes are very cute, which I also appreciated.

The waiter politely gave me my french toast and bacon, and I began eating.

I really enjoyed the flavor of the french toast; it was topped with berries that gave it some sweetness and texture. The maple syrup I used to dip with my french toast had a good balance of sweetness and a satisfying consistency.

I would definitely go to Distill Table again. The customer service is excellent and the food is even better. I liked the atmosphere because it’s very laid back and comfortable. If I had to give this place a rating out of ten, I would give it a solid nine stars. I’m sure it’s very nice to visit Distill Table in the summer as well, because it seems they have a large front deck for many outside seats.