Lakewood planning extensive 2020 spring-summer road program

Lakewood planning extensive 2020 spring-summer road program

Ashley Nelson

Have you ever driven down one of Lakewood’s bumpiest streets? Some of the roads here in Lakewood are a bit rough to drive on. Not only do they have many bumps and imperfections, but they can take a toll on your car. If you hit a pothole or bump too hard, it can potentially damage your car.

Lakewood’s City Engineer Mark Papke says that Lakewood has the $1.5 million mill-and-fill asphalt projects scheduled.  In a statement, he said, “That’s asphalt repaving and also the replacing of damaged or missing curbing.”

The streets that will be part of the $1.5 million dollar asphalt project will be:

  • Wager Avenue (Madison Avenue to Detroit Avenue)
  • Daleview Drive (Riverside Drive to McKinley Avenue)
  • Forest Cliff Drive
  • Parkside Drive
  • McKinley Avenue (Riverside Drive to Marginal Drive)
  • Delaware Avenue (Arthur Avenue to Alger Road)

Lakewood also has another $260,000 in federal funds which is budgeted for a portion of the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) area, which is down from last year’s $360,000 amount. For the federal grants, the streets that will be repaved include:

  • Athens Avenue (Brown Road to Bunts Road)
  • Bayes Avenue (Warren Road to Brown Road)
  • Ridgewood Avenue (Detroit Avenue to Franklin Boulevard)

Lakewood mayor Meghan George said the streets are selected based off of traffic volume, sewer and water main assessments, and the amount of continued patching that is done.

I asked Lakewood resident, Barbara Johnston, what street she thought needed to be repaved that was not on the list. She answered, “I honestly think Lakewood Heights Boulevard (Warren Avenue to Woodward Avenue) needs to be done as soon as possible. That street is so bumpy, I feel like I am on a very bumpy roller coaster.”