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    NBA vs. Corona


    The NBA has suspended its season for a full month due to the coronavirus. Fans and players were shocked to discover two of the players tested positive for the virus.

    Utah Jazz stars, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, both tested positive for this virus. On Monday, Rudy Gobert jokingly went around touching all of the microphones and recording devices reporters had laid out on a table, not for one moment considering his horrible fate.

    On Thursday the player posted an apology for his careless behavior “I hope my story serves as a warning, and causes everyone to take this seriously.”

    LHS Senior, Sophia Maranda, says, “I think it’s comical that a player on the Utah Jazz was making jokes about the coronavirus and the whole team is in quarantine. I find it very admirable that my husband, Kevin Love, donated $100k to the Cavs organization to support the workers and such during this delay in their season.”

    While many people are upset about the postponement, some have chosen to look on the bright side: playoffs will be in the summer.


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