No Parade


Mallory Moorman

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. People from all over the world live here. They come here for all the good things we have to offer. So, it is no surprise that cities like Lakewood and Cleveland reflect that variety of people and culture.

Although there are many differences between people, many have a lot of things in common with each other. One huge difference is nationalities. There are so many nationalities in this world, and a very popular one is that of the Irish.

Here we have a big parade to celebrate this nationality. Every year, on March 17th, we have a big parade in downtown Cleveland. People of all ages come to watch, eat, meet, and party. There are lots of foods and drinks that the Irish share. Beer and corn beef are among the most popular ones. They also share their music, and all the other things that make the Irish so unique.

This year, many kids and adults were very excited that we got this holiday off. However, things have changed in the past week. The parade was, in fact, canceled. Surrounding cities have canceled their parades due to the coronavirus, and now Cleveland has followed in their footsteps and done the same.

Talking with an LHS junior, Jaxen Davis, she stated, “I was really looking forward to this year’s parade; I guess we will have to find something else to do now.” Many hopes have been let down, but I’m sure celebrations will still go on, and citizens will make the most of everything.

Lakewood High School wishes everyone a good St. Patrick’s Day, and we hope everyone has fun and stays safe.