Watch These Netflix Shows If You’re Bored


Bella Nieves

“I Am Not Okay with This”

This is a great show for those who like teen focused shows that are packed with drama. This show dives into every emotion teens feel, making it very easy to connect with one or more characters.  If you enjoyed shows like “Stranger Things”, “Atypical”, or “On My Block”, I think you would enjoy this TV Show as well. “I Am Not Okay with This” is also only 7 episodes, so you never get sick of watching it.

“All American”

This show is about a teenage High School football player from a bad neighborhood that has to learn to overcome obstacles as he is taken to better opportunities. I’ve only seen the first season of this show, but I really enjoyed it. There is now 2 seasons and a total of 32 episodes in this show. I’d recommend this for anyone that enjoys football or sports related TV Shows.

“The Comedy Lineup”

Anyone that likes stand up comedy needs to watch this series on Netflix. There’s a bunch of  great comedians that share their work in 15 minutes. I love this series mainly because it is only 15 minutes, and I can watch a few of them at a time. All of the comedians in this show are very funny and I like the fact that there’s a variety of styles with their stand up.


This show was created by the same person that made “The Accountant” and “The Judge.” I’m now on the first season of this show and I think it’s pretty good. This is a highly popular show on Netflix and it has received 80% Rotten Tomatoes.

“Locke & Key”

If you’re a fan of magic, watch this show. This is now one of my favorite shows on Netflix and I’ve just finished the first season.  The show is about a family that moves after the father’s death, into his old family home. They find out that this house is full of reality bending keys and they have to figure out how to use them against evil.