Quarantine – things you can do to occupy your time

Liam Meszaros

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic all around the globe, eventually spreading to Ohio, people are required to social distance and stay indoors for the safety of others around. Understandably, staying inside for long periods of time can lead to cabin fever. It is important to realize that this change, although difficult, is only temporary – and like all things – this too will pass.

While inside, time can become stale and boredom can set in. To occupy this empty time, to keep one’s self sane, the practice of drawing or writing could be a good activity. I often find it to be relaxing and another plus to such things is that they both build character. Puzzles and board games with the family can also be a good way to encourage social interaction, provided you are living with family.

The occasional walk around the block or sitting out on the porch can lift the mood. Often times I feel that when I’m cooped up inside for so long, the air feels heavy and getting some fresh air outside can be an emotional elevator. Most importantly, remember to stay clean. Wash your hands frequently, shower frequently, stay well fed and hydrated, and stay home. The only way to get through this awful situation is to work as a collective to avoid each other and halt the spread of the sickness – if not for yourself then for your loved ones.