Anti Aging drugs


Jonas Hupcey

We have all thought about what it would be like to live forever.

Would we stay the same age?

Would our age reverse so we would actually get younger instead of older?

With those as only a few questions there are many more questions and unknown answers about living longer or forever.  While we may think living forever or a lot longer than we do now is impossible, it actually is not that far away with anti aging drugs.

Anti aging drugs or senolytic drugs are used to slow down the speed at which cells get old or die.  We continue to develop these drugs to make cells last even longer and longer.  While we all might want to live longer, there these drugs will also help us live better so we do not have to suffer through diseases such as Parkinson’s syndrome or dementia in our later years.

The possibilities of anti aging drugs are endless.  People will be able to start to live longer and happier lives.  It is also rumored that these drugs or medicines will not be insanely expensive and most of the public should be able to afford it.

These pills are the future of our country and our world.  There is no doubt they will change everything with endless possibilities.   These pills are supposed to be on the market soon but there is not an exact date yet since all of the testing that is still being done.  These anti aging drugs are the future of the human race.