Make the Best Out of Your Quarantine Boredom


Chloe Fielder

Here in Ohio, as well as all over of United States, we are under lockdown. Quarantine has been an order for almost three weeks, beginning on March 13, 2020. Governor Mike DeWine called for three week quarantine that would end on April 6, 2020 which would bring students back in the classrooms. However, health officials all around are awaiting a peak.  President Trump called for an extended quarantine and social distancing practice until April 30th. As for most students not in school, this quarantine is not fun at all. Here are some things to make the best of this situation, before everything becomes normal again.

Jobs are off the list. School is off the list. Spring sports are off the list. Large gatherings are off the list. What possibly can we do for another month before we all go insane? As for myself, I came up with things to make up my time, along with asking friends virtually what they have been doing. Binge watching movies and a series on Netflix is a great thing to do with your family! Remember though: 6 feet away.  Yes, they are your family members, but it isn’t safe to risk anything.

School work is a priority. Exercising is one way to help your body mentally and physically. Running outside with caution or an indoor workout will knock off time. Find a new recipe to try out while restaurants are on hold. Bake a cake. Facetime a friend or family member; or organize a Zoom call with the people you could be with.

“Family Game Night,” is always a good time to get more time with your family. Stepping aside from the phones and video games, family will always be important at this time. Personally, during this quarantine, I have bonded with my family more than ever, as we are technically forced to. We will all get through this as we follow COVID-19 guidelines. Hopefully, the boredom is not too awful. I really hope to see you all again soon!