Unemployment at an All Time High

Unemployment at an All Time High

Cassidy Baldridge

Money, money, money. In this time, many people are struggling with money, or worrying about what is going to come next. Since many companies had to shut down and lay off millions of people because of the virus, many have had to apply for unemployment.

People who worked at restaurants, bars, salons, or stores that weren’t essential have had no way of making money to support themselves. Many people also use that money to support their families, like single mothers. What do you usually do when you don’t have a job, but need money? You file for unemployment.

In order to file for unemployment, you need to be over the age of 18. When this pandemic started, many people knew they were going to be out of a job, and filed for unemployment right away. But, the thing is, it has almost been two months and many people still have not gotten the benefits.

There are people who have applied, but there are others who are having trouble because of the enormous amount of people trying to file; everything is back up, according to CBS News. People who have an income lower than $75,000 are supposed to be getting “Federal Stimulus Checks” soon. Apparently, some have already been sent out; people will be receiving $1,200.

A lot of companies are also on a hiring freeze in order to prevent the possible spread of the virus. The people who have no way of making money may have to wait months until they receive any type of money. It makes you wonder how people are going to pay their bills, or even pay to survive. Luckily, many companies are understanding and have also frozen billing people.