Later School Day Start


"Jonas Hupcey"

Schools across the county need later start times.  With nearly every school across the county starting between 7:30-8:30 many students are not getting enough sleep to be productive through the day.  Also by the time 3:00 rolls around many kids are worn out and completely tired for the rest of the day which means it will be harder to get homework done and harder to do other after school activities such as clubs and sports.


Sleep is like eating food and drinking water, you need a healthy amount or your body cannot function properly.  But it is recommended that teenagers get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. But is that really possible with such an early start time to school?  No, there are many students with clubs, sports, and homework that keeps them awake all night. To get the recommended amount of sleep students need to go to bed at midnight at the latest but that really is not realistic for kids with busy after school schedules along with long hours of homework and studying.


This problem could be solved if schools just started an hour later each day by having one less period in their schedule.  By having a shorter day students would be getting that little extra sleep needed to be productive throughout the day and even after school so there would be no need for naps through the day. 

This is such a simple change that needs to happen sooner or later because too many kids are suffering from not getting enough sleep. Studies have shown getting just one extra hour helps students tremendously with grades and overall morale.  Lakewood make the change!