100 gecs


Jonas Evans

100 gecs is a rising American experimental music duo, who make music with heavy auto tune and electronic sound. The two members are Dylan Brady and Laura Les. Despite their odd sound, they have only been getting a large fan base. They have even played shows with larger acts like Brockhampton.

They have a very unique style, that is definitely interesting, but also very enjoyable. They often release songs, but then release a remix that is usually a more interesting mix, sometimes featuring other artists. They have 473,858 monthly listeners on Spotify.

During this quarantine they are hosting a music festival in the hit game Minecraft. You can either log in to observe, or watch it on live stream via Twitch or YouTube.  They have two albums which came out within the last three years, so the band is fairly new.

They rely on intense electronic editing;  however they often do play live, which  is often regarded to be just as good as recorded. The sound they have isn’t unmatched necessarily, but it is definitely original and somewhat strange, but listening is definitely an experience worth having.

I have not heard a group with a sound quite the same as theirs, and if you don’t really find enjoyment in this group, it’s still the kind of thing you can listen to and find interesting.

Due to their original sound, and their rising fame it makes me think this genre might be where music is heading. Most artists I have heard have had an artist with a similar sound to theirs.  I think new acts are going to start popping up in this experimental genre making it more popular worldwide.