A Guide to Staying Well During Quarantine


Bella Nieves

It’s important to be checking in with your mind and body during this quarantine. During all the panic and worry for your family and friends, it can be easy to abandon the care of your mental and physical being.

Here’s a handful of things to help you stay well and healthy throughout this isolated time:

Try a new recipe to cook or bake.

I’ve done this a few times during quarantine. I’ve made homemade lasagna, baked chicken and rice, salmon, and chocolate chip cookies. Cooking allows you to be focused on the task at hand and rid your mind of the excessive thoughts you may normally have.

Go for a walk around the neighborhood or in the Metro Parks.

Walking is a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and free the mind. If you think your neighborhood is too bland, the Metro Parks is a great place to walk and look around. Remember to stay 6 feet apart from others!

Order food from your local restaurants.

This is a great way to support your city’s businesses and who doesn’t love food anyways?


If you like to draw and you have coloring books lying around… this is a great way to calm the mind. If you don’t have coloring books, you can order some online and/or draw free-handed sketches.

Hug someone you love at home or a pet.

Who doesn’t love a good hug? According to ClevelandClinic.org, “404 adults, both men and women, over 14 days. Researchers found that especially when a person reported having some sort of conflict or negative event during their day, a hug was associated with less negative emotions. And the effect was the same for both men and women.”