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    “Pandemic” Free Verse by Morgan Neumarker

    We were the class of guinea pigs

    Between state testing changes, 

    Graduation credit adjustments

    New technology. 

    We were the test dummies 

    A generation of advancement

    Worked hard to get through the modifications

    Without recognition.

    Excited to finally be in our senior year

    Making our last memories 

    With the people who’ve been through everything with us

    For twelve years. 

    We made it. Finally. 

    Ready for prom, graduation, our last finals

    Unaware the last 3 months would be stolen from us

    Unaware that we’d already had our last day of school

    Unable to say goodbye to teachers,


    Peers that we will never see again.

    We were the class of change

    And the class deprived of a normal senior year

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