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    The Three Phases to Normalcy


    We are finally starting to see the light at the end of this every dark tunnel. All of April Ohio and America has been shut down with rising numbers of COVID-19. Finally good news has arrived.

    Trump has made it clear that he wants America’s economy to start back up. Many, many states are worried, including Ohio. It was announced that schools for the rest of the year, in Ohio, will remain online and colleges have moved summer terms online and some are even debating moving fall semester online.

    At Lakewood the seniors have been told the new commencement and prom date, but it was later said that if we still can’t have large gatherings, that commencement will be virtual and they are starting to prepare for that. On the bright side, Ohio is going to start reopening things begininng May 1st.

    Obviously it wouldn’t be smart to open everything at once. Ohio is starting back up through three phases, with phase one starting the 1st.

    The first phase is going to look like this: any place that can follow the sanction protocols and not have large gatherings can open; places where large gathering that can’t be avoided have to remain closed along with schools, senior centers and bars. It is also recommended with no groups larger than 10 and only essential traveling. However, it isn’t looking like salons will be open May 1st.  If all goes well phase two can move forward.

    Phase two schools can re-open, large venues can remain open– restaurants, theaters, sporting arenas– with limited physical distance protocols, gyms can remain open and bars can begin to open. If the numbers still are under control phase three will begin.

    Phase three is everything will be open with proper sanitation and large gathering will be allowed without social distancing.

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