If You Haven’t Already, Watch These TV Shows…

If You Havent Already, Watch These TV Shows...

Bella Nieves


This is a show on Netflix about how events unfolded when arrest warrants were placed on David Koresh and a few of his group members for the suspicion of stockpiling illegal firearms.


You can watch Atlanta on Hulu, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. This is a show about an up and coming rapper in Atlanta that is managed by his friend Earn. Atlanta was written by Donald Glover and he also plays Earn.

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

I’m sure you’ve heard about this show if you have a Netflix subscription. It’s an action packed TV Show where robbers go into the Royal Mint of Spain, keep hostages, and negotiate with police.

The Sinner

This show can be viewed on Netflix, Sling, and YouTube TV. It’s about the suspenseful journey of Detective Ambrose as he solves two high crime cases where the suspect needs mental support. Each case has its own season; the first season is titled “Cora” and the second is “Julian.”

Outer Banks

Outer Banks is now #3 in the U.S today according to Netflix. This exciting Tv drama is about the adventure of John B and his trip for treasure that is associated with his father’s disappearance.


This is a Netflix Original about the crazy events in Josh Wheeler’s life. This is a post apocalyptic comedy that is relatable to any teen… especially now since it feels very apocalyptic in these trying times.