Dog Days

Dog Days

Mallory Moorman

As we all know, we are all in quarantine. Some of us losing our minds trying to find something to occupy our time. We have done it all: homework, cleaning our rooms, cleaning our whole house in fact.  Playing board games, cooking, coloring, self-care, and everything else in between.

There are some things though some of us haven’t done. Or can’t do. One thing that many can do that they might not of been able to before is get that dog they have been wanting. Right now just might be the perfect time.

The perfect time to get the special furry friend and train him or her up. House break them with all the time we have. Play with them with all the time we have. Really connect. There are so many good things about it for you and the dog. Especially if your home is a little lonely right now. Or even if you are just getting on edge with being around the same people 24/7 even though we love our families very much.

The dog will help pass time, and they will have a new home. You will both have a new friend to be with. Having each other could really ease the stress during these unexpected times.

All in all if you are able to, go for it. A dog could really bring some joy into your life, and you will probably bring a whole lot of joy to theirs too.