Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Tajon Short


The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular gaming franchises and has had a steady fan-base that is quite large over the years. With 16 console and PC games as well as quite a few mobile games you can see that they have been quite popular with their consumers.

Arguably the most popular installment of this franchise is the 7th game Final Fantasy VII, which follows the story of Cloud Strife an ex Soldier, who had snapped and confused his memories with that of his fallen comrade and idol of whom he was very close with. Cloud decides to become a mercenary and travel to the city of Mid-gar where he reconnects with his childhood friend Tifa Lockheart and assists  the organization she’s with known as AVALANCHE in destroying the oppressive company known as Shinra

Now the remake was released on the 2nd of  March in 2020, and with fans finally finishing up the game it has received some mixed reviews, Some fans loved it and are satisfied with everything it provided them, others however were somewhat dissatisfied with the game. The reason why is because the remake is a full remake of the original rather its the first few hours of it.

Now it is quite understandable why fans are upset with this, in fact I happen to share that upset. While the remake does offer more of an in-depth look into the story’s characters and environment, the fact that it ends when you know there is supposed to be much more to it leaves many wanting more. SquareEnix has made no announcement about the future parts of the game and whether or not they will be a free addition, paid dlc , or a new game entirely .