UFOs Are Real


Madeline Cummings

For years, conspiracies of aliens have surfaced the media. Through movies and games to chatrooms and vlogs, the concept of aliens has built up quite the fan base. Fans of the once called “supernatural,” are now gaining unexpected support from the government, which is confirming the existence of UFOs (unidentified objects.)

On Monday the Pentagon released videos captured by naval aviators showing objects “defying the law of physics,”  soaring against the wind.

Harry Reid, a former senate majority leader, explains how he views these videos as an opportunity to discover the secrets of extraterrestrial life.“I’m glad the Pentagon is finally releasing this footage, but it only scratches the surface of research and materials available…”

Navy spokesman Joe Gradisher says the video content available to the public eye is just a fraction of the frequent findings of these UFOs. In a CNN article, Gradisher says the only way to discover what these mysterious objects are “is to encourage trainees to report them (UFOs) when they see them.”

For years aviators were hesitant on reporting these cases, due to the negative conotation that is associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial life. However, with the confirmation of these objects the hope is that more reports will be filed and more research to just exactly what these things are will be done.

While there are plenty of much more earthly speculations on what these unidentified objects could possibly be, seekers of extraterrestrial life are viewing these videos as a win in their fight to prove the supernatural.