Will It Be Forever?

Will It Be Forever?

Ayden Wacker

A pandemic is a widespread outbreak of a certain disease or sickness that is really hard to stop because of its rapid growth. An example of this in the past is the plague. Many people died because of the strong peak. Our country has learned from this and taken a different route this time.

A better outcome for the country would be more adaptation to a pandemic and less deaths. That was exactly our country’s thinking process when trying to handle COVID-19. To make the disease last longer but keep it from peeking in order to lessen the death rate. This also allows for more room for our country to get stronger from this.

This tactic of making the disease last longer can give someone that feeling that it is never going to end. But what those people should know is that the fact that it is lasting longer means our country is doing their job. They are keeping more of us alive and healthy but keeping the disease around longer. This may not seem like it is helping, but it is helping more than any other option would.

Through text I asked Ethan Daniels, a student at Lakewood High School, what he thought about the situation. He said, ” I really have felt the pandemic has lasted longer than it should have, but the more I think about it I realize that it is actually helping our country. I think we should be patient and keep doing what we are doing.”

COVID-19 is a scary disease, but with patience we can all defeat it.