Please let us graduate…


"Jonas Hupcey"

The Coronavirus has definitely not been easy for anyone, but the seniors of Lakewood High School are really the ones taking a hit.  One thing is certain, we as a school, we as a community should not let it take away graduation from the class of 20

This is arguably the turning point for students.  A time where they feel like they are adults now and a time many students have been looking forward to for many many years.  While there are alternatives in place they really are not the best solution for the students.  

Why are we making decisions on graduation months before it happens?  Supposedly when summer hits there will be less and less cases of the Coronavirus which makes it reasonable to have a normal graduation just later in the summer.


The seniors have been waiting for this ever since they started school so Lakewood as a school district and as a community needs to do everything in their power to let us have graduation.  The class of 2020 has gone to school for  13 years.  Every year pushing themselves, working harder and harder to achieve a goal which now feels as if there is no reward.


Other school districts such as Parma will be having a normal graduation. There is no reason why Lakewood can not do the same.  A simple solution would be postponing it till the middle of July or August when cases of the Coronavirus will be minimal or make it mandatory that  everyone wears a mask.  There are better solutions to this problem and Lakewood really needs to try to give seniors this opportunity to have one last great Lakewood moment which is graduation.

Our lives will change forever because of this pandemic.  Who knows if they will ever be the same it could be years or eternity.  The prestigious Harvard university has estimated that social distancing will must stay in place through at least 2021